God’s answer?

I have been reflecting quite a lot recently which has probably been brought on by essay writing and preparing to be interviewed.

I have been particularly struck by how God has ‘changed my heart’ as I notice I have a real love for Rochester and the people of Rochester. This has developed over the last few months. It seems to me that God has given me a call, I have responded and then as I have sought to develop within that calling he has changed my heart towards the people I find myself with. I used to have a real passion for Gillingham, and still believe my ultimate calling to be there, but for this moment in time that passion is now for Rochester.

I have been struggling with a decision over the last few days over whether I should continue going to one location which has not been as easy as others. I thought my time in this location was coming to an end and I had kind of thought this would be my last week visiting there, but in the last few days I have had significant conversations with people (after months of wondering if I was invisible) and now I am not so sure.

I wonder if God has brought me across these people in such a way as to show me that this is still a place that I should be visiting. Certainly to stop now and not give these people a chance to chat more would not seem a wise thing to do.

Wish God could just be straight and obvious sometimes!

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