I love the simplicity that children sometimes exhibit which expresses itself in how they observe and report on things.

I remember a few years back when the Tate Modern exhibited Shibboleth – the famous crack in the floor of the turbine hall. I was struck then by how adults tried to explain to themselves how it had been created and whether it was a trick while the children simply enjoyed it and played with it.

There was a lesson to be learned from children there in how we approach new stuff and stuff that challenges us.

For similar reasons I love this account told by Jean following the sweeps festival:
a family came in to see ‘the baby Jesus’ who jean explained had grown up. She took them to see our outstanding baptism fresco and asked what was happening and the conversation went like this:

Jean: what can you see happening?
child: Jesus is walking on the water
Jean: why do you think that is?
Child: because he can’t swim

Sometimes the way children see things can cause us to re-connect with our imaginations again.

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