the voice of creativity

At the end of last week I was able to accept an invitation to the launch of Nucleus Arts which I have blogged about before when it was in Rochester. I hope its new location means more people are able to access this extraordinary creative space.

I love this space not simply because of the creativity, but also because it is an exhibition space for local artists as well as a space for local people to acquire great art.

The visiting of Nucleus has caused me to think on the creativity of God and how humanity has a sense and ability of that creativity from being created in the image of God. I have been reflecting, personally, on how I need to find space away from ‘normal everyday life’ and have quality time mull over stuff before I am even able to think creatively yet alone start to create.

The Lentern desert is a space where that hidden creativity which is suppressed within us by the normality of life is able once again to find its voice. If we allow ourselves to enter that silent space, we hear our voice of creativity again. If we listen and act, we may be surprised by the outcome.

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