Coldplay were amazing last night.

My first time at the O2 arena for a gig and it was simply outstanding. Being part of 20 000 people united in our love for the music of one particular group of artists was just a great experience.

A highlight of the evening was when Coldplay decided to sing a couple of numbers at the back of the arena on a makeshift mini-stage, amongst the people who just happened to but their tickets there. As well as having the surprise of the band playing right next to or in front or behind them they also had the added of bonus of a surprise appearance by Simon Pegg who played the harmonica – it was great. This was all started by a cry of ‘how are you all at the back’ from Chris Martin. It was a real ‘moment’ of joy and the people sitting there had a wonderful surprise – a real gift!

Another great moment was the descending of giant yellow ballons during the singing of Yellow – shown in the middle picture – very cool!

I could make reflections on this based on my current reading of Caputo…. but I’m just going to enjoy the Coldplay moment for the while!

Cheers Darrel – this was a fantastic time!

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