real liturgy

I regularly come into contact with people who seem to have a problem with ‘liturgy’. I think the complaint is mainly that saying a set of words each day seems a naff way of connecting with God. I have always found this view interesting as most of these people come from churches that sing the same or similar songs each week – so maybe the problem is with words without music … but I don’t know.

One of the complaints that I can go with, though, is that a lot of the language used in Common Worship does not resonate with many of us. It is very wordy and the vocabulary does not always aid worship or assist our imaginations as we worship God.

I have been following this Hold This Space for a while now which Jonny has mentioned a few times – the ‘liturgy’ used here is both relevant, challenging and often quite beautiful. Today’s post from Cheryl called ‘welcome to the world’ is another great example of how liturgy can be real for people.

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