back from Darzet

We’ve returned from a great holiday in Dorset, staying in our caravan close to Lyme Regis.

It’s always great to get away and going to Dorset in particular reminded me how much love I still have for the beauty of the area I grew up in. It’s interesting too how memories flood back from certain scenes. Standing at Portland Bill brought back memories of kyaking around it one windy wavy day, sitting on Lyme Beach brought back the school holiday there when I was 14 (my first ever holiday) and many others.

We visited Weymouth a few times (Mum was 70 … woohoo!) and generally had a great relaxing time. The pic shows a cloudy day when we walked to the top of Golden Cap – the scene behind, which is the Dorset coastline from Lyme to Portland with Chesil Bank is stunning.

Interestingly – in our technologically advanced society it is still true that no one can give a definitive explanation of how the 18 mile Chesil Bank has formed in the way it has – I read one sign that said something along the lines of ‘it’s a mystery’. Some things just cannot be explained and sometimes we have to accept that. We cannot explain everything.

The highlights of the holiday are too many to mention – but the drinking of Jura while watching the sunset and chatting rates up there but not as high as a parting comment from the person camping next to us – as we left he came to say that he wanted to congratulate us on the behaviour and attitudes of our children – we drove away proud parents!

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