I met up with the London Cluster for the last time today. This is the group of YFC Directors that run centres in and around London.

We did our business ‘bit’ in Covent Garden before retiring to the Chandos (which is still my favourite London pub)for lunch.

After lunch I was presented with some wonderful gifts – something to wear under my cassock (I’m not telling?!) a pack of Drinking Games cards which will come in handy when I am sitting in Wetherspoons in Rochester with my dog collar on, a very generous gift of money and a fantastic card.

I was entirely surprised and lost for words – not a common or comfortable place for me to be in!

These great friends told me how much they appreciated what I had been doing but I sincerely believe that all I have been doing is encouraging and supporting friends – the job has been fairly easy because the people I work with, my friends, have made work very easy.

I am touched by the generosity of gifts, but more so by the generosity of friendship of this group of people that have become a large part of my life.

Thanks again guys and girls – you’ve been great and I really hope we manage to stay in touch.

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