group vs community

Last night I ran what I think will be my last bit of training given with my YFC hat on – a bit of an end of a chapter really. Tonight I was with the trustees of Peninsula YFC which are based on the Hoo Peninsula in Medway.

We looked at some governance stuff and then chatted a little about our roles on the group and that it is right and healthy for the trustees to have a renewal policy – in fact it is recommended by the charity commission. Some people clearly have the gift of setting things up and when things are running start to lose interest or feel a bit of a spare part. It’s important that these people feel they cam move on.

This leaves me with a question around staying with a group or a community.
If you no longer feel you contribute is it right to leave, or if you feel that your time of contribution has passed should you leave?
If we think in this way are we mis-treating people because we are only interested in what they offer to us as a community or group rather than just accepting and valuing them as a person?

There is a clear distinction here between a group tasked with a particular job and a community. A group is task focussed and everything revolves around the task and so people with the right skills come and go. A community is people focussed and revolves around the people, changing its outlook and activity to reflect the people that make it.

I have often dealt with a number of issues of misunderstanding when people have mixed the purposes of groups up. Task groups are not communities and communities are not task groups.

2 thoughts on “group vs community

  1. Interesting thought to start the day with: Is a church a community or task group? Before you jump and say community we need to remember the mission, or task, we were given. No easy answer for me to this but it does seem that most conflicts within churches arise from friction between the church community and task groups (or sometimes within task groups) that are that are, or are trying, to drive forward with a sense of purpose to a task goal. In that sense friction and tension can be seen as a normal and indeed positive attribute as without this it could be argued that our task has been forgotten.

  2. yes I agree, and in a sense God has instilled conflict as a natural part of creation. Creatures, including humans, cannot even breathe without muscles working in conflict with each other.But what s a church? Is it a task group or a community is an interesting question.Should church be missional at its core and therefore a task group, or should church be a God filled community and so missional as a result of that relationship with God?I’m not sure what the right answer is – or whether it is a combination of the two …

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