the journey

On Tuesday I traveled to see Epping Forest YFC and lead their prayer meeting and then meet up with friend Leesa for lunch.

I always like to try and be creative with local YFC teams and challenge them to think and pray in a different way to that of which they are normally used to.

Yesterday I set up a track which we call ‘the journey’ using masking tape on the floor, which is based on an idea from Mike Riddell. The basic idea is that the Christian life is a journey, we all travel through all of it, God is at the centre of all of it, and no one place is better than another.

I set up the track with the following areas:

sand and rocks to signify the desert – those parts of our journey where we feel disconnected from God, dry, lost, doubting, wanting what we can’t have
blue material to symbolise sea – to signify those times when we jump right into God and let him take us where he will, as we travel on the currents of God’s will
a lake – those places where we float and chill out with our creator
rivers – surprising places and incidents which suddenly appear and we briefly notice God breaking in
mountains – for those mountain top experiences where we live close to God; people always want to be here – but the air is thin, there is no vegetation and its not a place to be 24/7
valleys – these are dark places which quite often follow mountain top experiences. it’s tough to see where you are going when in a valley.
At the centre of all of this were three candles to represent God the Trinity at the very centre of our traveling.

Each person then took a few glass beads and shared where they thought they were at this point in time. All of us shared we were in more than one place. It was great to see that in just a group of 6 of us, we were spread all across the journey.

For me, I shared I was in an unusual place of a mix of mountain top as I’m quite excited and in many ways can see where I am going coupled with being in the sea, feeling out of my depth and needing to totally trust and rely on God.

After sharing where we were on the journey, it was a privilege to pray with each other.

The journey is a great way for praying and sharing together.

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