The Last Piece!

Today I feel quite elated … the final essay has been written, 5 days ahead of the deadline, and now I am rediscovering what life is like again without some assignment deadline hanging over me. It’s like the last piece of a challenging puzzle finally dropping into place! I look back and wonder how it has all been fitted in, as well as where the last 3 yers have gone as they seem to have flown by.

A particular thing I am looking forward to now (apart from ordination of course) is being able to tread books that I want to read again, and books that are not on a SEITE reading list.

I’m going to start with Ian’s ‘The Becoming of G-d’ which has been sitting on my desk attempting to allire me away from essay writing. Next on the list is NT Wright’s ‘Surprised by Hope‘ before I tackle some of Richard Hookers stuff on ‘Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity

1 thought on “The Last Piece!

  1. well done mate, we missed you on tuesday. Now go and enjoy the euros ( are there any gillingham players in it?)see you next tuesdayJeremy

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