it’s all relative

We’ve had a few mini disasters at home over the last few days.

Last week I smelt gas a couple of times in the kitchen and so gave Transco a ring to be on the safe side. they were with us within 30 minutes and disconnected and ‘condemned’ the cooker as it was leaking gas. Since then we’ve had someone come to look at it and it cannot be fixed – its a large range type thing over 15 years old which you can go longer get spares for and so we are currently surviving on a baby belling and microwave.

Last night we were both woken up by the dripping of water through our ceiling. Currently we have 2 buckets on the bedroom floor and tomorrow we are supposed to off on holiday for a few days in the caravan. As well as leaking, about a third of the ceiling looks very wet … so we may have an interesting time ahead.

I was starting to get stressed about this until I saw the news and remembered my brothers and sisters in Burma who have no food, no shelter, no warmth, no protection.

My little hassles fade into a total significance when I pause to think about others.

If you have not donated to the Burma Aid appeal you can do so by clicking here

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