19 years

Today I have simply been considering how fortunate I am as today Sarah and I have been married for 19 years. This year is the first year we can say that we’ve been married longer than we’ve known each other (we met when we were 18).

Marriage, like any relationship, takes effort. My love for Sarah is not what it was 19 years ago; it goes deeper and it is more integral to who I am. Sometimes this deepness presents a risk of it becoming taken for granted. I can’t imagine life without Sarah and I can’t remember life before Sarah.

Relationship with God can be similar to marriage in that as time moves on we forget life before we were in relationship with God. The effervescence of the early relationship dies away and something deeper and more beautiful emerges. Some relationships fail at this stage as they interpret the change of feeling as as ‘falling out of love’. In fact the change of feeling is due to a deepening of love and to a growing understanding that love is about concern for the other persons feelings and not ones own emotions.

I guess the early effervescence needs to die away as maintaining that intensity would be all consuming and alow little time for anything else. Interestingly for me I’ve known God 8 months longer than I’ve known Sarah and so can reflect on the past 19 years with both my creator and soul mate.

19 years seemed to have zipped by – the joy, the pain, the annoyances (mostly caused by me)and the grace and forgiveness (shown most by Sarah)all seem to flow into one long interestimng journey … long may it continue!

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