Today I had a great day catching up with Paul at Wycombe YFC.

On the way home I heard those ominous words on the radio; ‘between junctions x and y on the M25 was a jack-knifed lorry with massive cues forming on the …. clockwise side.’ I only breathed a selfish sigh of relief for a second beofore I realised there would soon be a queue of cars on the anti-clockwise side too as people slowed down to have a look. 4 miles away from the accident the almost customary queue formed and travelled slowly at 15/20 mph.

The accident was a car transporter of BMW’s blocking all 3 lanes – nasty if you were on in the stationary queue, but thankfully no-one was hurt – but WHY do people have to slow just to gawp. Amazingly as soon as were past the scene the cars were all up to speed again.

What is it about the misfortune of others that makes us want to slow and have a gawp? Why are we so nosey?

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