SEITE Easter School Day 2

Well morning prayer happened at 7.30 and I was there physically!
I heard a gentle snoring and wondered if it was God being gently woken and wondering why people have to worship Him at such an early hour! Apparently Rowan Williams was around – so maybe as a pioneer minister in training I can grab him for a coffee and chat about where he sees things going in the future and how pioneers can be both effectively trained and recruited!

Monday was funeral day – so we’ve looked at funeral services, looked at coffins and caskets and asked all the questions we would want to ask from a very helpful funeral director. The day was actually very useful and nowhere near as morbid as you might expect. I think I have learnt quite a lot today.

I’ve been forced to think a lot about death recently and feel my ideas around what is happening and what the Bible says are evolving. In many ways it is not something we think about often – probably due to our belief that things will not happen to us. Interestingly in my conversations with people death and what happens are becoming topics and do not seem to hold the big taboo that they used to. I find that quite intriguing? Is this a consequence in a bigger interest in spirituality and health and all that?

Highlights of the after hours program was the watching of The Life of Brian while Jeremy and I ran the bar for the night and part of Casino Royale while enjoying some nice whisky. Nice to end a thoughtful day back with the fun basics of good friends and good laughter!