the challenge of advent?

The priority agenda for Jesus,

and for many of us,

is not mortality or anxiety,

but unrighteousness, injustice.

The need is not for consolation or acceptance

but for a new order

in which we may all live together in love.

In Jesus’ time, therefore, as in ours,

the question of revolution,

the judgement of God upon the present order

and the imminent promise of another one,

is the language in which the gospel must speak


Yoder is quoted again in todays Advent thought. This quote really resonates with me as I view Christianity as a way of life. Often people talk of needing to be comforted by God or helped by God or blessed by God. All of those things are things God chooses to do … but actually, in todays western church I agree that what we really need, above comfort and all of that is challenge.

As we prepare for the coming of the christ child during Advent we should have a great desire to be challenged by Christ. This is a time of great sacrifice and gamble by God. The challenge for us, I guess, is how do we allow that sacrifice and gamble determine how we live?

At this time of Advent rolling into Christmas, with images around us of cosiness and comfort and love …. I want to see challenge and risk taking and gamble …. life without challenge … well is that even life at all?

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