pub theo …

pub theology met again last night in the pub …. well we would wouldn’t we!

The general discussion seemed good and we had a number of visitors from other places who were interested in what we were doing and how they might do something similar in their communities. I hope we were able to offer encouragement and a way forward.

I think I have said before that this is one of my favourite things that I am involved in. I think that is because there is no program or hidden agenda here – and it really is becoming a group of friends getting together over a drink (wine, cider, coke, juice, beer) to chat about stuff that is pretty important and/or puzzling to them.

As I look back on the last year it is interesting to notice the subjects that appear regularly. The suffering question is there. The ‘why do Christians act so bad’ question is there which more often than not expresses itself in how Christians treat other people that they do not agree with. Linked closely to this is the ‘sexuality’ question, which appeared again briefly last night.

These are important questions but I personally long and pray for a time when people no longer see the need to discuss these issues over and over – not because they are not important (because I personally believe they are)…. but simply because people within the church have tuned into the love message of the gospel and acts in an inclusive way in the nature of Christ. (meaning that sexuality and gender are no longer seen as an issue by all).

Pub theology now takes a break for the summer and we will reconvene again I guess some time in the autumn …. that’s if people are up for it.

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