Harare joy

Yesterday I had the privilege of having lunch and then spending some time chatting with Farai, who is the Dean of Harare Cathedral in Zimbabwe. Farai was invited for the Bishops service on Saturday as the Diocese of Rochester has a strong link with the Diocese of Harare. We had a great time talking about pioneering work and sharing stories of mission in our very different circumstances.
If you are a reader here who prays … please hold the church of Zimbabwe in your prayers … if you need help in knowing what to pray, the Church of England website has prayers you can use specifically.
A little while ago the Church Times printed an article from Bishop Brian who visited.
My time with Farai has caused me to think more about what is important. Farai is a man of great joy who is full of Christ filled enthusiasm. Sometimes I wonder whether we in thew west have allowed ourselves to lose that joy and enthusiasm as we get embroiled in unimportant pettiness.

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