anima christi

Sometimes in my trawling of ‘stuff’ on the ‘net I find some stuff which stnd out like little gems and resonate in some way with how I am feeling, or with the immediate time ahead.

Today I found this prayer which is attributed to St Ignatius of Loyola. Sometimes I am amazed how words from the 16th Century can be so moving and challenging today.

Soul of Christ, sanctify me;

Body of Christ, save me;

Blood of Christ, inebriate me;

Water from the side of Christ, wash me;

Passion of Christ, strengthen me;

0 good Jesus, hear me;

Within Thy wounds, hide me;

Permit me not to be separated from ‘Thee;

From the wicked foe defend me;

In the hour of my death call me,

And bid me come unto Thee,

That with all Thy saints I may praise Thee

For ever and ever. 

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