it’s not just about belief …

I have the newsletter for Spirited Exchanges UK emailed to me each month. The lead article’s opening words drew me in:

The Christian faith is not only about beliefs, it is also a way of ‘living and moving and having one’s being’. And to do that it should actually be more about how we nurture our soul and develop our spiritual connection – doing the things that bring life and transformation. In most evangelical, Pentecostal and charismatic churches it has traditionally been expected that Christians develop that through Bible reading, prayer and worship. For people who start to move away from conventional beliefs and values, these practices cease to be life-giving and have meaning. One person termed itmthis way: “Faith practices that once had meaning for me, no longer do.”

How does one find pathways that bring life when everything seems to be unraveling, when you are developing a different basis of thinking about these things?

Below are some suggestions that may be more useful. You can read more here or go the the Spirited Exchanges website and ask them to put you on their mailing list.

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