This morning I had the privilege of being in Southwark Cathedral at the ordination service to see Jeremy ordained Deacon. I also had the added pleasure of unexpectedly seeing Bridget ordained as well.

It was a privilege because I have traveled with Jeremy, and others from SEITE, for the last three years towards this thing called ordination. It was great to join in with the celebration and prayer with and for Jeremy this morning.

Well done mate … you look great in a dress!

4 thoughts on “ordinations

  1. Mate it meant so much to see you all. The seite crew there to ‘push’ me over the edge.The fact I got off the bus from the retreat to find 3 of you crew was fantastic. You all ( rob in particular) have loved me as me ,and I am so grateful.

  2. without becoming a mutual appreciation society – exact same sentiments and comments mirrored right back at you – any other group and I don’t believe I would have survived.God bless ya mate!

  3. Hey Rob, my name’s Callum and I’m working at YFC Coombswood way for 2 weeks for work experiance. Anyway, I was reading through your blog which Adam (local ministries) had kindly told me about and excuse my ignorance but I wondered what all the people in this posts picture were up to. Whether they are bowing to God’s glory? or if it’s just another one of those wonderful happenings you come across within God’s community? Enlighten me, cheers!

  4. Hi CallumThis is part of the Roman Catholic ordination service (I think) and those becoming priests lie on the floor in worship as a sign of total submission to God.At least – that’s what I think.Thanks for reading and for your comment.

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